Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow
Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow
Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow
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Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow

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šŸ†Ā  Award Winning Maternal Pillow 2020šŸ†

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging period for a mother-to-be. Those nine-months demands focused care and diligence on the part of the mother to ensure that her baby remains safe and receives all the necessary support and nourishment required to develop.Ā As much as the baby needs nourishment internally to grow and be healthy for the delivery, the mother also needs to ensure that the foetus is protected from any external harm. Thus, it is essential for the pregnant woman to be in a safe environment, where she is comfortable and can move around freely.Ā One crucial aspect that needs attention is the sleeping position of the mother. Partners go through many sleepless nights in order to ensure that the mother does not sleep in an awkward position that could harm the baby.Ā Regular mattresses are not designed to provide comfort to a pregnant woman, and it may lead to body aches and hinder her sleep. This is where a pregnancy pillow comes in handy.

What is a maternal pillow?

A maternity or a pregnancy pillow is a pillow specially designed to suit and support the changing contours and curves of the body during pregnancy and offer support for various sleeping positions. They are designed to provide support to the entire body and hence are much longer than the usual pillows. A maternity pillow makes sleeping more comfortable during pregnancy. It is beneficial in the later stages of pregnancy when sleeping in a normal position becomes a real challenge.

ļ»æ4 Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

The most obvious benefit of a pregnancy pillow is that it helps the woman sleep better by providing support to the body. Following are some of the other benefits of using a pregnancy pillow:

  1. Alleviates body aches and pains:Ā As body weight increases during pregnancy, it puts stress and pressure on the back, hips and legs. It is crucial to rest these body parts, and that is only possible if you are able to sleep in a good position. A pregnancy pillow will provide support and comfort to these parts and ensure proper rest, relieving the aches and pain.
  2. Enhances the circulation of blood:Ā Sleeping on your sides promotes blood circulation, and it is recommended for pregnant women. Sleeping side-ways might be uncomfortable for a pregnant woman due to her growing belly. Owing to its softĀ cushioning, a pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep comfortably sideways, thereby easing up and promoting the circulation of blood in the body.
  3. Better, more relaxed, and longer sleeping hours:Ā Good rest is the key to a safe pregnancy, and a maternity pillow will allow you to sleep better and for longer hours.
  4. Helpful after delivery:Ā A maternity pillow will be useful even after the babyā€™s birth as it will help you to put your baby in the right position during breastfeeding, for the baby to learn how to latch properly.

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